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Making critical college visits… virtual

When COVID-19 struck, the University of Vermont had to cancel Admitted Student Day visits. These visits are crucial to get students to commit, and without them UVM faced a sharp decrease in commitments.

In a few days we launched a custom survey to find out what students are truly looking for to help make their decision in the absence of a final campus visit. We used that data to develop messaging that would highlight the experiences and information students were looking for.

In two weeks we developed eight videos in a “choose your own adventure” experience that allowed prospective students to choose if they wanted to hear from other students, parents of students, professors, or even members of the Burlington community. Using a combination of Zoom-style video recordings and existing footage and photography, we brought the UVM and Greater Burlington experience to life.

As a result, UVM reached 98% of their enrollment goals—a huge win during unprecedented times and with many other schools seeing double-digit percentage declines in enrollment.

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