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Work That Matters
From A Place That Matters

If you’re looking for an agency, chances are you’re seeking a partner that fits well with your company or organization. Not just in terms of capabilities, experience and size, but also how we both think about business—and creating Work That Matters.

Consider this a virtual handshake.

HMC is a full-service marketing, advertising, digital, design and media agency with in-house video production. At a time when agencies are specializing in single, hot-topic areas of marketing, HMC believes in a fully integrated, strategic approach to helping our clients grow. And the people who work here have achieved that in every industry and won every major creative award.

We also believe that where we are is just as important as what we do. Many of us at HMC chose to leave big city, big agency life for a place that offers more space to stretch. Physically, philosophically and creatively. And this has meaningful impact on our work. We simply offer a different point of view from a different place—to create Work That Matters.

Add to that a New England tinkerer’s mindset to problem-solving, and a thrifty pragmatism that gives clients the most bang for the budget.

With curiosity and energy—and driven by creating Work That Matters—we amplify quiet brands, giving distinct voice to their character and customer value. For established brands, we tease out the unexpected—attracting attention and earning renewed consideration in a crowded marketplace.

That’s who we are. Please tell us about you.



We wear a lot of capes. And we’re proud to be one of the only full-service ad agencies in Vermont. This means we are able to provide integrated solutions for all kinds of customers. And our strategic minds, creative minds, media and digital minds are able to act in concert. Services we provide include:


Brand Strategy

Audience Research

Marketing & Communications Planning

Account Management


Integrated Advertising

Brand Identity

Digital & Social Creative

In-house Video Production

3D, Environment & Print Design


Media Strategy & Planning

Traditional, Digital & Programmatic

Media Buying

Analytics & Reporting


Digital Brand Strategy

Web Design & Development

Digital & Social Creative


User Experience Design

  • Elisa Kiviranna Media Team Audience Researching, Data Crunching, Dog & Kid Herding
  • Cristin O'Neil Finance Team Number Crunching, Budget Policing, Sarcasm
  • Scott Baker Creative Team Video Runnin’ & Gunnin’, Footage Splicin’ & Dicin’, Made-up Scrabble Wordery
  • Christina Biesadecki Media Team Invoice Wrangling, Efficiency Hounding, Small Mountain Summiting
  • Tom Holmes HMC Team Lead Fearless Leading, Brand Guardianship, Trail Shredding
  • Eivind Ueland Creative Team Lead Word Painting, Picture Writing, Earth Wind & Fire'ing
  • Paula Bazluke Media Team Lead Channel Fusion, Relationship Cultivation, Bargain Slaying
  • Nicole Seguljic Creative Team i-Dotting & t-Crossing, Vendor Conducting, City Wandering
  • Cheryl Lamery Finance Team Lead Balance Sheet Precision, Strategic Financial Navigation, Bird Spying
  • Jon Roberts Creative Team Brand Construction, Creative Orchestration, Art Manifesting
  • Sara Bell Marketing Team Lead Laser Strategy, Client Whispering, Biking to Nowhere
  • Steve McIntyre Digital Team Data Finagling, Code Cooking, Aspiring Game Show Host
  • Tora Ueland Copywriting Intern Creative writing, coffee drinking, and professional cat cuddling
  • Sam Heyliger Marketing Team Campaign corraling, cross country ski racing, great whistler and juggler
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