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We are driven by the thrill of knowing we’ve nailed it.

Getting it right. It’s a view of the world we all share at HMC. And it’s evident in every corner of our agency. It comes to life in the work we do together and the way we treat each other and our clients. This collective pursuit connects us. Empowers us. And it reminds us why we enjoy spending time together.

  • Carrie Plunkett Marketing Team Info Sleuthing, “Can-doing” Everything, All Things Disney®
  • Olga Ardova Creative Team Taskmastering, Process Policing, Extreme Vermont-ing
  • Cristin O'Neil Finance Team Number Crunching, Budget Policing, Sarcasm
  • Scott Baker Creative Team Video Runnin’ & Gunnin’, Footage Splicin’ & Dicin’, Made-up Scrabble Wordery
  • Christina Biesadecki Media Team Invoice Wrangling, Efficiency Hounding, Small Mountain Summiting
  • Sarah Hubbard Creative Team Design Conjuring, Software Wizardry, 4-Leaf Clover Hunting
  • Tom Holmes HMC Team Lead Fearless Leading, Brand Guardianship, Trail Shredding
  • Eivind Ueland Creative Team Lead Word Painting, Picture Writing, Earth Wind & Fire'ing
  • Paula Bazluke Media Team Lead Channel Fusion, Relationship Cultivation, Bargain Slaying
  • Nicole Seguljic Creative Team i-Dotting & t-Crossing, Vendor Conducting, City Wandering
  • Cheryl Lamery Finance Team Lead Balance Sheet Precision, Strategic Financial Navigation, Bird Spying
  • Nicole Molea Media Team Data Herding, Micro-Macro Analyzing, Jam Band Following
  • Jon Roberts Creative Team Brand Construction, Creative Orchestration, Art Manifesting
  • Maren Brady Marketing Team Client Mindreading, Project Commandeering, Closet Makeovers
  • Rick Machanic Digital Team Lead Idea Mapping, Systems Synthesizing, Sports with Sticks
  • Amy Klinger Creative Team Brand Alchemy, Word Composing, Recipe Calibration
  • Sara Moses Marketing Team Lead Laser Strategy, Client Whispering, Biking to Nowhere
  • Elisa Kiviranna Media Team Media E.S.P., Goals + Budget Convergence, Dog Treat Culinary Arts
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