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Battery recycling in Vermont had been on the decline following the onset of Covid-19. This contrasted sharply with the situation before the pandemic, when Vermonters had been among the top battery recyclers in the country.

Call2Recycle, the nationwide organization that serves as a stewardship program for responsible recycling of batteries, reached out to HMC to help boost recycling in Vermont. Together, we developed a campaign that was built on what we all know about our target audience: Vermonters want to do the right thing.

Our creative approach was to use a double-exposure photography technique that brought to life the idea that Vermont is a part of all of us—and that recycling batteries the right way will help protect and preserve our beautiful home state.

We particularly wanted to target younger Vermonters (18-34) after research revealed that this group was significantly less likely to recycle batteries.

The all-digital campaign resulted in more than 1.8 million impressions and led to a 209% increase in the number of Vermonters who used Call2Recycle’s online tool to find the nearest drop-off battery collection site. Channels like Instagram, Snapchat, and TikTok were extremely successful in reaching this younger audience. With over 500,000 video views and over 20,000 clicks or swipes on our message, our audience was engaged with our message.

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