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Here's to Vermont Dairy

Dairy farmers in Vermont were already facing many challenges before COVID-19 struck. Yet despite the lockdowns and the sheltering in place, which impacted the dairy industry as much as any other here in Vermont, our dairy farmers continued to do what they have always done. They sustained and maintained what is not just a critical part of our state’s economy, but also a major part of what makes Vermont… Vermont. And, our dairy farmers never failed to make sure that our grocery stores remained stocked with dairy products.

To celebrate our dairy farmers and the massive role they play in our state’s economy, as well as to thank them for their hard work during the pandemic, we created a social media activation-style campaign that features Vermonters from all walks of life—raising a glass of milk, or a slice of cheese or a spoonful of yogurt, to our state’s dairy farmers.

Take your message from campaign to activation. At HMC, we can make it happen.

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