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We are HMC

While many shy away from complexity, we run toward it.

And our collective goal is to turn complexity into simplicity.

It’s not a magic act or a quick fix. It’s a journey. And our best and most satisfying work reflects this approach. We begin and end with identifying human truths. To get there, we challenge assumptions. And we challenge each other to uncover the motivations that drive us all to think, act, believe and follow.
This clarity is revealed through strategy. And translated into multi-platform solutions that aim for the heart, spur perception change and ignite behavior change. Our sweet spot is complex and constantly evolving issues with multiple audiences—internally and externally. Whether it’s energy, health care and tourism, or higher education, politics and public safety.

We are HMC.
We are comfortable with complexity.
Because we view it as a simple solution waiting to be uncovered.

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It’s been said that a good leader is someone who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way. Our leadership team sets the course, sets the bar high and then lets the team loose to knock the socks off our clients. Seriously, socks have actually come off. We could make it more complicated than that. But isn’t life complicated enough already?


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January 26 2015 We found this NPR article especially interesting because we spend a lot of time charting the various factors that impact behavior change–especially related to tough issues like smoking among low-income populations.
The poor is missing out on the greatest public health story of our time.

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