What is Yelp Monocle?

When traveling, I pull out every app I have to help navigate the towns and cities I visit. Some of my go-to apps are FourSquare, Facebook Check-Ins (sometimes you receive special offers), WHERE, viator, and Urbanspoon. Even in my own small city of Burlington, VT, I whip out my phone to see what’s new and what my peers say/think about the restaurant around the corner or the play at the Flynn.  Yelp Monocle adds on another layer to that: a 3-D layer!  It’s been around since 2009, but seems to be a hidden treasure for now. This technology pulls graphics from your TV/Computer/Phone displays and into your environment with Augmented Reality. All I have to do is turn on the app, look through my phone and turn 360 degrees. As I turn, I see this:

Yelp Monocle - View from Phone

Click on one of the blocks and up pops more information:

Information from Yelp Monocle


You get all the information that can help you make a decision: Reviews, contact information, reservations or whether take-out is available, etc.

The benefit of having this information presented this way is that it gives you a much better sense of where the restaurant or venue is located. With a 2-D format, a user is asked to click on the address or map and then is taken to a third-party app to see the location.

Yelp made a nice addition to their app and with many others soon to follow, Google Glasses being one of them. Now pardon me while I go conduct some more work-related research with Yelp Monocle.


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