The Good Food Truck

What if it’s not creative?

What does it mean when a creative agency comes up with a name for a client that isn’t all that creative? We partnered with the Chittenden Emergency Food Shelf to conceive and launch a special kind of food truck. A food truck that raises money and serves free meals to folks who need food. A very cool idea. And, a much needed one.

Our first job was to come up with a name. So we cranked out a ton of names. Creative names, because that’s what you do. Right? And so did our friends at the Food Shelf. The creativity was flowing. Along with some beer and fumes from the dry erase markers.

Names like Bumper Crop, Relish and Deep Dish. Other gems like Goodness/Gracious, Kitch, Batch and Sunny and Share. But then we realized something. In our effort to be creative, and maybe to impress ourselves, we had lost sight of the goal of the project. This truck was doing good work, with food. It was that simple. And so the name, “The Good Food Truck” appeared. And it survived. Every round of review, critique and analysis.

In the end, the best name won. And it wasn’t the most creative name. But it was the most appropriate. And maybe that’s being creative, too.

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