Wearable tech to help enhance your sleeping experience

Along the same vein as our previous post about wearable tech that helps people try to quit smoking, has compiled a list of various Kickstarter projects aimed at developing devices that help those interested to learn how to lucid dream, as well as make the most out of naps, meditation, and the “standard” eight hours we all should get every night.

Depending on their respective functions, the devices use technology to read, record, and learn from brainwave activity while a person sleeps. Devices meant to induce lucid dreams sync with distinct brainwaves to initiate soft music and LED lights that alert the sleeper that he or she is dreaming, at which point the person can essentially take control of his or her dream.

Other devices focus on preventing the oft-groggy feeling a person has when awoken suddenly in the middle of a sleep cycle, especially during a nap. Another collects a bevy of information throughout an entire night’s worth of sleep to maximize energy conservation during sleep, alert the person about any health issues, and offer personalized advice to enhance sleep patterns.

The implications for this technology are certainly exciting. Anyone who has had a stretch of sleepless nights or stress dreams will appreciate being able to take control over sleep patterns or alleviate nightmares. That being said, the cynic in me can’t help but think that with the advent of wearable tech broadcasting music and light shows into our dreams will come the advent of advertisers selling things as well. (Wait, Futurama already did that.)

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