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Technology as part of the creative process

Digital technology touches everything. Or rather, almost everything made or grown today passes through some sort of digital technology during its production. One can wax on about how this is a bad thing, another can wax for just as long about how this is good. Ask any creative (and I’ll go ahead and assume just about ANY person in the ad/marketing biz) and that person can run off a list of the pros and cons of working on an Internet-connected machine that allows for instantaneous changes and revisions.

WeTransfer, an online file-sharing service based in Amsterdam, produced a mini-series of videos called “The Creative Class.” In each video, different successful creatives discuss how changes in digital technology, even over the last ten years, have drastically changed their creative process.

It’s always fascinating to hear other creative types in a variety of industries talk about their process, and even more so when those same types can provide some perspective to those who have only ever done this kind of work digitally. To boot, these are beautifully shot, and each subject happens to be great on camera.

Take the next 10-15 minutes and give the videos a look.

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