oct beer of the month

Tasty traditions at HMC

Last Friday, our resident Beer Nerd indulged us with more of his interesting and mostly trivial knowledge about beer. What was the occasion? Why, it was Beer of the Month day, of course!

Once a month, we all gather ’round our big work table and sample delicious offerings from breweries all around the nation (and sometimes the world), all hand-picked by yours truly. I then indulge the rest of the HMC team with my random factoids about what makes the beer we are sharing the style it is, as well as any other nifty tidbits and stories tangentially related to beer or brewing. Afterward, we all tell stories, laugh, smile, snack, and enjoy each other’s company. There’s usually little consensus about which brew is the best, which makes the whole ordeal all the more fun and interesting. No two palates are the same.

This month, we tackled the increasingly popular pumpkin beer “genre,” sampling Southern Tier Pumking, Uinta Punk’n, Long Trail Pumpkin Ale, Shipyard Smashed Pumpkin, Cambridge Brewing Great Pumpkin Ale, and Rock Art Imperial Pumpkin Stout.

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