Spring Greening


We’ve heard it before: Every day should be Earth Day. But when routines and habits help us get into the flow of the work week, it’s easy to forget the small steps that can greatly lessen our environmental footprint at the office.

At HMC, we decided the return of spring is a good time for an environmental check-up—not just making sure we’re covering the “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” basics, but also finding new ways to think and act more green. From paper use and the products we choose to waste handling and resource reduction, we realized that even small changes can make a big impact.

In the interest of making an even bigger “big impact”, we’re sharing our list of ideas so you can see what’s possible to do within your own sphere.

Keep in mind that whatever green-up changes you decide to undertake around the workplace, they’ll be most successful if you get those around you on-board beforehand. That may be easy if your co-workers are already inclined toward thinking green, but for other environments, being a little more hands-on with education and communication about what you’re trying to do, why it’s important, and how it will or will not affect daily activity are great ways to get others involved. Also, start the discussion at the top; if leadership is supportive and engaged, the rest of the staff are more likely to follow.

For our part, we’re taking a phased approach, raising awareness and rolling out a few high-impact changes like starting a composting effort, replacing bathroom paper towels with high speed, electric hand dryers, and swapping our regular toilet paper brand for a similarly priced one made from 100% recycled material (don’t worry, we did our consumer review homework first).

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Print-friendly Green Office Check List


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