Note to self. Be yourself.

Conventional wisdom says it’s crucial to separate your work life from your home life. But a practical example of a recent project completely turned that notion on its head.

We were asked to completely re-think the ParentUp website—and to find the most powerful way to use the site as a practical tool for parents to better engage their teenage kids around drug and alcohol abuse.

And interestingly, we had mostly parents working on the project.

As we immersed ourselves in the research and findings, the strategy became clear. Parents are the most trusted sources of information for their teenage kids. As parents, we were dumbfounded. Yet, we couldn’t deny the facts. We pushed onward and developed a site that fully embraced this notion. And while we conducted external user testing along the way, we also were able to “check in” with ourselves on the project. As parents, we could use our own experiences and perspectives to guide our work. And we used our personal connection to the topic as inspiration to dig deeper and develop content that would be truly useful to parents.

This was not just a marketing assignment. It was a real-world opportunity to become better parents. The byproduct of that work was an incredible end product. The lesson we take moving forward is to remind ourselves that we are people and parents first. And the more of ourselves we can bring to our work, the better the work will be.



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