Never underestimate the overlap.

Recently, we had the privilege of entering into new relationships with two highly respected Vermont brands—Northfield Savings Bank and Efficiency Vermont.

Northfield Savings Bank has been around for nearly a century and a half, while Efficiency Vermont is a 15-year-old organization. As we rolled up our sleeves and dug into the business challenges for these new clients, it became clear that both clients are dealing with complex marketing and business challenges. And, the nuances of the complexities revealed that both clients had more in common than would appear on the surface.

A few examples of what they share include:

The challenge to continually remain relevant
Energy efficiency and banking are not top of mind for most Vermonters. And yet, a key business challenge for both clients is to identify ways to uncover or create relevancy in their communication with customers.

Leveraging organizational assets
Both organizations are sitting on a veritable goldmine of information, data, expertise and solutions. This is quite often the case, as solutions are typically found inside the company. Our job is to find them and share them.

Balancing innovation with responsibility
All businesses need to innovate. But innovation can be perceived as risky. Both clients are required to do a balancing act–focusing efforts on innovation while ensuring that certain constituents are comfortable that the pace and progress are steady and responsible.

Energy efficiency and banking. From where we sit, we see more similarities than differences. As these two new relationships highlight—we are continually reminded that many businesses and organizations in Vermont share similar challenges. And while they may not have much in common on the surface, when you dig a bit deeper you discover remarkable parallels. Regardless of their age.

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