New Client / New People

In addition to branching out our service offerings, we expanded the talent and collective smarts of our team as well as the portfolio of our clients!

HMC Advertising is pleased to announce we have been selected by Middlesex Savings Bank to assist with its brand redesign and marketing programs. Founded in 1835, Middlesex serves the MetroWest region of Massachusetts and is one of the largest mutually owned savings banks in the country.

Our team has already begun the important work of current brand and market assessment, conducting research both within and outside the organization to gather key insights that will ultimately drive the rebranding effort. The new Middlesex Savings Bank brand is expected to launch toward the end of 2017. In the meantime, HMC has taken on the development of all new marketing materials in support of key initiatives and product promotions.

HMC was awarded the contract in a competitive pitch against several large agencies. We are proud to have learned that we were chosen based on the strength of our approach, depth of experience and ultimately the kind of positive chemistry that fosters a great working relationship. Senior Vice President and Director of Marketing, Jim Briand had this to say, “HMC demonstrated an ability to listen and understand our business in a way that stood out from the crowd. We are confident that this new partnership will allow us to advance our brand and product efforts in a significant way.”

In addition to producing great work for our outstanding clients, one of our proudest achievements of 2016 was nearly doubling the HMC team. We added at least one new member to every department, and recruited talent from around Vermont and the country to round out the company and our capabilities.

When we asked our “newbies” what they liked best about working at HMC, the responses were unanimous: a terrific team of smart, fun people dedicated to producing the highest quality work. When we asked them what surprised them the most, here’s what they had to say:

“Agency life is like a soap opera—a new and exciting twist every day (without the amnesia).”
Olga Ardova

“The whole company has a precise balance of professionalism and fun.”
Scott Baker

“Office dogs are cheaper and more effective than a Roomba.”
Amy Klinger

“20 people can eat a lot of M&M’s every month.”
Cristin O’Neil

“Everyone pitches in for his or her weekly turn at kitchen duty.”
Kelly Mohr

“Swear words can be creatively applied while also being unexpectedly positive.”
Sara Moses

“Job descriptions are merely suggestions and only cover about 25% of what we actually do.”
Andy Weigand

With our expanded team in full force, we gathered last fall for a full day, off-site strategy session to define our passions and outlook for HMC. Our efforts and thinking centered around the company’s three motivating principles:

Have the COURAGE to do what is right.
Participate in and ENJOY the journey.
Produce WORK that lives on.

Now armed with a full roster and a defined outlook, we are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities 2017 has in store.

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