The Corset Factory

Making Rooms for More Creative

The new year is taking shape in an exciting way in our office as we embrace a new space that draws inspiration from Richmond’s past—not only in style, but spirit, too. Our newly acquired and renovated offices on the 1st floor tap into the rich and ambitious roots of the very building we call home.

In 1900, two New Yorkers named I.H. Goodwin and J.S. Baker launched Richmond into modern industry with a dream and a determined workforce—provided by Richmond’s very own men and women. Their partnership created the Richmond Underwear Company—a successful undertaking that brought unprecedented growth and opportunity to the area. That endeavor represented a lot of “firsts” for this town–including electricity and setting the strong example that would bring many other business investors to Vermont.

The Goodwin Baker Building.

That very building that started it all still stands today–the aptly named Goodwin Baker Building. And while much has changed, a lot hasn’t. The building has even secured a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. In our new area on the ground floor, which once housed the manufacturing of turn-of-the-twentieth-century-unmentionables, the spirit of craft and creation remains.

HMC Garage Bay

The men and women of Richmond who once occupied the very same workspace over a century ago, inspired us to design a style and aesthetic that drew upon the past as an approach to providing new solutions and innovative ideas for our clients in the present and future. Ideas, inspiration, and design that we like to think are reminiscent of the origins and attitudes that made the success of the Richmond Underwear Company possible. So, as a century and then some has come and gone, and new industry has settled into its foundations, some changes to our historical home are to be expected. Inevitable even. And then there are some that aren’t. As it’s provenance in creation continues on.

The Richmond Underwear Company manufactured great underwear. At HMC Advertising, we manufacture great thinking. And the tradition of manufacturing greatness is our honor to carry on.

So without further ado, we invite you to take a look around and see what the future of HMC holds.

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Or, you know, do it the old fashion way and stop by. Our doors are open. And our “lights” are always on.

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