Is everything some kind of content marketing?

Enter Bill Patton, VP of Digital at HMC. The world is very different through the lens of Bill Patton. Earlier this week, he shared an example of in-the-flesh content marketing with us.

He took his family to a zoo in New York maintained in part by high school students at a private school located across the street (and high up on a hill overlooking the world, apparently). For most people, it’s a zoo. Through the lens of a marketer though, this zoo visit is real-world, physical content marketing: a positive zoo-going experience for a family who may be considering sending their children to a private high school. Seeing how the current high school students learn-by-doing, and with even a hint of understanding of the value of experiential learning, the zoo visit opens the door for the family to consider sending their kids to that high school. In essence, the zoo becomes a lead generation tool for the private school.

From a certain perspective, everything (words, video, imagery, audio, and the like) is content marketing in some capacity. This blog post, for example, is content marketing. Even if it were to examine and discuss the grand ideologies for and against some serious issue and lead to many meaningful conversations that ended up solving an important problem, it would still, from one perspective, be a promotional piece for me, and for HMC. And that’s okay. Advertising can be informative and educational. It can even do good, like when a brand develops an innovation that becomes an industry standard, like fluoride in toothpaste. That’s part of brand-building: creating positive experiences and adding value for those who patron and use of a product or service.

Now, let’s all look at this gorilla with a pumpkin.



Happy Friday!


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