HMC says thank you

Thanksgiving is most certainly the time most associated with giving thanks (it’s in the name). However, as this year comes to a close and we spend time with our loved ones, we at HMC can’t help but be thankful and appreciative of all of the opportunities we have been given, and earned, to work with our magnificent cornucopia of clients this past year. It goes without saying that without them, we wouldn’t be here. Even more than that, though, they instill their trust in us to dig deep into their “lives” and figure out how best to be part of the solution to what ails them. They give us the latitude to push, nerd out, be weird, and ultimately come up with solutions that we can all be proud of. Looking back on the past year, it’s difficult to not smile and be grateful.

That being the case, we also find ourselves just as appreciative of the vendors we work with who help us make things happen for our clients. The printers, producers, recorders, media reps, and anyone and everyone else who helps us do the things we do; day-in and day-out, they partner with us to move mountains for our clients. Such feats are not always easy, but they are always worthwhile.

Merry holidays to you and yours, loyal HMC blog reader. We appreciate your eyes and minds and look forward to tantalizing both even more so in the coming year.

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