Go mobile if you want to reach travel-minded consumers

Earlier this year, eMarketer noted more than 12 million travel-minded consumers used a mobile device to book a trip (2011); mobile consumers booking trips via mobile are expected to triple over the next four years, making the mobile channel an important one for travel brands. But how are travel-minded consumers engaging with mobile content? A recent article by Kristina Knight of bizreports.com explains.

Research shows the mobile channels (app and mobile browser) most valuable for travel brands include Travel, Entertainment and Games.

“By creating campaigns for both tablets and smartphones, advertisers can take advantage of the strengths of both devices to appeal to consumers booking travel. Tablets offer a larger form factor perfect for displaying photos and in-depth travel information, while smartphone campaigns capture on-the-go consumers looking for click-to-call and location-based features,” writes Jumptap.

Data from comScore shows one in five smartphone owners booked a trip through their mobile device. Four in five consumers access air and hotel content through a mobile device. Other popular travel-related activities included:

• Checking airfare prices (26%)
• Checking flight schedules/status (25% each)
• Receiving price alerts for flights (19%)
• Cancelling a flight (10%)

“The on-the-go convenience of smartphones has facilitated their emergence as an essential companion for travelers,” said Mark Donovan, comScore SVP of mobile. “We all know how hectic a travel experience can be, but smartphones have really stepped in to meet a variety of needs for travelers, such as coordination of schedules, locations, trip itineraries and transactions.”

While men and younger demographics are more likely to consume travel content via mobile, if you are trying to bring travelers to your property, it’s time to add mobile to you mix if you haven’t already.

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