Go digitally key-free with some help from Ford

Everyone is pretty tired of having a boatload of login passwords for everything digital, from your online banking to your facebook login. And it’s not like we can go without them in the digital frontiers because one bad apple will spoil the whole bunch and can give you E.coli, in the digital sense, of course. If only all those pesky spammers, hackers, and criminals would just give it a rest. Heck, we all need a rest from having to login for every move we make on the web.



Lucky for us, Ford & Ogilvy Paris came up with a simple app, Ford’s Key-Free Login. Essentially, it offers the same benefit as their key-free technology for the autos, but for your social media access points. After setting it up on your Mac OS through your bluetooth connection to your mobile devices, it auto logs you in and out of all your social media profiles on your computer when you walk within a few feet of it.



That’s a practical, useful tool, it’s easy to set up and use, and is pretty damn cool. Now, just don’t lose your phone 😉

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