Giant sized Sprite soda fountain gives new meaning to cool refreshment

Ogilvy Brazil came up with an ingenious, simple, and refreshing way to build brand affinity, by giving overheated beach-goers a way to cool down. They built a giant sized Sprite soda fountain right on the beach that anyone could go up to and shower off with cool water.

It’s kinda Alice in Wonderland-ish, with it being exactly like a soda fountain but 100x larger, but when you think about it, it’s really cool (pun intended). What better way to create a positive association for a product/brand than creating something they’re familiar with as a refreshment device, and completely changing their literal perspective on how it refreshes them?

Simply put, what’s more awesome than a giant sized soda fountain that cools you down after a long day at the beach? Well…maybe a giant craft beer shower? That’s the only way I could see improving it, at least up here in VT. Or not…

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