Facebook ads shouldn’t annoy your target audience!

I admit it. I don’t click on a lot of Facebook ads, despite the fact that I believe Facebook advertising can be very effective. I should qualify: I used to click on lots of Facebook ads because I’m a sucker for good marketing and the level of targeted content allows for some really timely, well placed communications. The problem is, too often, when I click on a Facebook ad, the page I end up on does NOT have the content that motivated me to click on the ad in the first place.

So really, the problem isn’t the Facebook ads, but rather bad destination content. Through unrelated (i.e. bad) destination content, I am being trained to stop clicking on the Facebook ads. The thing I don’t get is this: Facebook advertising should be EASY. If you are developing a Facebook ad, make sure that the destination content is relevant to the ad. After all, you took the time to create a Facebook ad that was relevant to the audience, right? For example, I kept getting a Facebook ad served up for “horse surfing.” That was appropriate content because I’m a horse lover. But when I clicked on the ad, I was directed to a page that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with horses. Forget horse surfing.

Remember, when you create a Facebook ad, the destination content should be as relevant to the audience as the ad that drove them there. And don’t make it too complicated! I clicked on another Facebook ad that said I could win some free music. Who doesn’t want free music? But, when I arrived on the landing page, I had to go get a couple products, take a picture of those products, submit the photo and then I would be entered for a CHANCE to win some music. Geeze! Could you add a few more steps?? Make it just a little harder to enter for a CHANCE to win??

Facebook advertising isn’t that hard: keep it relevant, keep it simple, keep it real. And then, maybe more people will keep clicking through.

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