Draplin Talks Design

The Oregon-based graphic designer and dropper of knowledge (and f-bombs), Aaron Draplin, made friends and blew minds at his design talk at Burlington’s Signal Kitchen last night. Aaron shared his life story and a slideshow of his favorite design work, all of which was super cool-looking and rich in Futura bold. He told stories of self-discovery, adventures of traveling around the U.S., which inspired a poster series for each of the 50 states (currently a work in progress – see the Vermont poster I purchased at the event below), and some tales of him becoming a design celebrity and having the opportunity to do work for some of his heroes, including John Hughes, John Candy, and the Obama administration.

My biggest takeaways from his presentation? 1. Work your ass off  2. Be true to yourself and 3. The past is an inexhaustible resource for creative inspiration.





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