NSBs First ATM, the Grouch

Celebrating a Century and a Half

Happy birthday to our oldest (quite literally) client. On November 21, Northfield Savings Bank completes its 150th year around the sun. Along the way, the institution has been witness to big and small moments in Vermont history. To put NSB’s longevity into perspective, we thought we’d share some.

1864: St. Albans is raided by Confederate soldiers during the Civil War. The soldiers were apprehended brought to justice in Canada.
1867: Northfield Savings Bank is incorporated in Northfield, Vermont
1918: For the first time, women are allowed to vote in town elections
1934: The first ski tow in the U.S. is constructed in Woodstock
1964: The last towns in Vermont receive electricity, including Victory, Granby and Jamaica
1978: Northfield Savings Bank introduces “The Grouch” Vermont’s first Automatic Teller Machine
2000: Vermont’s assembly approves same-sex marriages
2011: Tropical Storm Irene wreaks havoc with major flooding and causes three deaths
2014: City of Burlington generates 100% of its electricity from renewable sources
2018: Northfield Savings Bank embarks on its next 150 years

Cheers to our friends at NSB. Consider keeping a fire extinguisher handy when you blow out the candles!

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