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In 2020, a new state law would be in place to keep food out of landfills. But we decided that our work to help reduce food waste in Vermont was not going to be about wagging a finger. Instead, we built our “Let’s Scrap Food Waste” campaign around positive and empowering messages, and we delivered those messages through creative executions that would maximize the strength and impact of different media channels.

For broadcast and online video, we created a commercial that tells the story about the importance of reducing food waste for all of us here in Vermont. From the farm to the kitchen to the composting facilities.

We delivered the same story in social media, but we shifted the creative execution for greater visual impact. In fact, we created our social advertising with actual food scraps. Rooted in our research, we targeted these messages to reach audience segments that were particularly interested in content around the environment, family economy, or tips and advice.

If you have a message that matters, HMC can bring it to life.

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