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May, 2009

Brand Loyalty Dies Fast!

About a year ago I bought a new Saturn Vue. I really liked the way they looked, drove and I was intrigued by the brand. My purchasing experience was what I expected it to be; no pressure, a “real person” not a “sales person” helped me with my purchase. I quickly became a brand advocate and helped propagate the brand strategy that Saturn was carrying out. Until this morning that is!

Why I Love Marketing

I can’t think of a more exciting profession to be in right now than marketing. I mean, sure, professional motocross racer or stuntman might provide some thrill (and I’ve given up on both of those careers every being a viable possibility for me), but nothing is moving as fast as marketing these days. Every day is different, the rules are changing, the media is changing, the customers are changing, and we are doing all this in the most challenging economy since the great depression.

Advanced Segmentation Saved My Life

OK, well not really saved it… but GA advanced segmentation really can allow you to turn back the clock and look like a hero in the process. In typical GA campaign tracking you must define a goal page or event that will be associated with a campaign (like a sign up page or thank you page) and then associate this goal with a specific profile.